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Name: Marion
Age: 26
Occupation: Graphic Artist
Degree: Master of Arts in Arts and Design
Skills: Traditional and digital drawing and painting skills, five years of experience with CG-Tools, including Design-, 3D-Applications and Game Engines.

Games I have worked on:

I’m a German 2D- and 3D Artist. I graduated with honors as Master of Arts from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria. I studied Multi Media Art with focus on Animation and Game Design. I currently work on the games TibiaME and Tibia, for which I create 2D-graphics and animations.

In August 2013 I released my first book: Light Aesthetics in Games (Click to go to the Amazon page.) If you are interested in lighting as a design tool to be used in level design and concept art for games, please have a look at it!

Please Download my full CV:
english HERE/german HERE.

Things that make my life exceptionally brighter:
Drawing, family, friends, my cat, sports, fashion, sitcoms, comics, videogames, books, zombies, strawberry coladas, running, horrormovies, parties, music, copicmarkers, monsters, watercolors, vegetables, flowers, dinosaurs, home, magic, mountains, long walks, dancing, my computer, shoes, tea.